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Back Roads, Dead Cat's and What's for Dinner

Growing Up in the Olden Days in Arizona and New Mexico,  By Jodi Marie Johnson
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In this enjoyable personal narrative, filled with humor and introspection,
 Ms. Johnson offers a tapestry of Arizona days we all long for. 

Her  stories are woven with a blend

of spirit, at once pioneering and precocious, that transcends local

history and folklore

– Charles Seiverd, Publisher,

The Noise, Arts and New Magazine


 This book is full of humor, wisdom, and interesting Arizona stories.

It reminds all of us of the

importance of writing and

preserving our family histories.

– Charles J. Babbitt

  Her stories will have you laughing
and her recipes
     will have your mouth watering.
–  Carolina C. Butler, ed.,
Oral History of the Yavapai
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 Be a literary locavore!" 
Jodi Marie Johnson

 "Back Roads, Dead Cat's and What's for Dinner"
is featured in the
August issue of Mountain Living Magazine!
Now available in Flagstaff at: Hastings,
Museum of Northern Arizona bookstore, New Frontiers Natural Marketplace, Winter Sun Trading

Now available in Phoenix/Tempe at:
Changing Hands bookstore, Healing Pages at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
 In a modern world that seems so often to be cold and flavorless,
 Jodi Johnson’s Back Road, Dead Cats and What’s for Dinner
is a plentiful serving of scrumptious warmth.
– Mary Sojourner, author of Going through Ghosts, Bonelight and
 NPR commentator
Back Roads, Dead Cats and What's for Dinner was written, edited, published and printed in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Printing by Aspen Digital Printing, Flagstaff.

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